Canyoneering Eau Rousse

Canyoneering Eau Rousse - Savoie - Vanoise

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technical level

Physical level

The Eau Rousse canyon. You like the nature, you like running water in a beautiful environment, so come with us to discover the “Eau Rousse” stream.

After a quarter of an hour climb through the woods, you will dive into a wonderful clear water, not without having donned a wetsuit to protect you from the freshness of the water, and it will be gone for nearly two hours of small abseiling, slides, jumps to your heart content.

In short a not-to-be-missed half-day of fun!

Starting from 8/9 years old

Prices 2022:
Eaux rousses.............58.00€
Bénétant, Pussy....... 60.00€