Glaciers de Rhême Golette

Glacier hiking - les Arcs Bourg saint Maurice

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Col and glaciers Rhème Golette is Located on the Italian border near Val d'Isere. These great glacier with gentle slopes allow you to discover serenely these sometimes austere environment.

The walk will begin at 6 am at 2300 m , the approach march(1 h 30) will be held at the alpine meadows appreciated by Bouquetins and chamois. At this early hour, the animals are numerous. At 2800 m altitude we'll put crampons to continue our walk on snow and ice. One hour later we'll pass the Italian border at Col de Golette Rheme. The view is beautiful on the Grand Paradise. For the more courageous, it will be possible to continue to the Pt of Traversière or the pt of Golette