Robert Blanc Refuge 2750 m

The new guardians, Antonin and Orianne, will be delighted to welcome you to the Robert Blanc Refuge. As a mountain refuge, it is advisable to check the weather conditions beforehand and to bring good hiking boots and warm clothing if you plan to spend a day there.
During the guarded periods, you can enjoy refreshments and meals at the refuge.
If you wish to stay overnight, you will find duvets and blankets available, but reservations are mandatory.

Guarded periods:
In summer, from mid-June to mid-September. Call or text the refuge at +33(0)7 67 07 49 91

Online Reservation

In spring, depending on the snow clearance of the Bourg St Maurice/Les Chapieux road, usually starting in early May. Contact the guardians.

Outside the guarded periods, part of the refuge remains accessible and can accommodate up to 10 people. You will find mattresses, blankets, and dishes, but no gas. Payment for overnight stays can be made on-site in a donation box or by mail to: Bureau des Guides des Arcs BP05 Arc 1800 73706 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex.


Thomas Roques trail

Beautiful hike, connecting the Tête Nord des Fours to the Col de la Seigne, offering a significant variation of the Tour du Mont Blanc with an overnight stay at the refuge.

This trail is not expected to be accessible before mid-July due to normal late snowfall. Please contact the refuge for recent information on trail conditions! It's a rugged and rocky path, offering an exceptional panorama and technical sections, suitable for experienced hikers.

Cul du Mont Tondu (2895m)

Access to the Contamines side is possible, with cables in place, but the route should not be considered as a via ferrata. Suitable for experienced hikers with knowledge of alpine techniques.

Course en montagne

Dôme des Glaciers (3592m)

The most visited summit in the area, either via the Lanchettes ridge with a return via the glacier, or as a round trip via the Glaciers glacier. Recommended for experienced mountaineers.

L'Aiguille des Glaciers (3816m)

A magnificent pyramid, with its summit offering one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. This route is for experienced mountaineers and can be challenging, especially in dry conditions.

Le Mont Tondu (3196m)

The first summit, called Pain De Sucre, is often climbed. It's highly rewarding to follow the rocky ridge to the true summit and back, offering a very beautiful ambiance. This route is suitable for novice mountaineers.

For more information: "TOPO DE LA VANOISE Tarentaise Beaufortain Lauzière" - James Merel Edition.

Randonnée glaciaire

Refuge des Conscrits

Either via the Col du Tondu or the Col des Glaciers. Suitable for novice mountaineers.

For more information: "TOPO DE LA VANOISE Tarentaise Beaufortain Lauzière" - James Merel Edition.